What We Do

Lloyds Commercial Business commits people, capital and ideas to help our clients, and the communities we serve to grow. At Lloyds Commercial Business, we:


We advise companies on buying and selling businesses, raising capital and managing risks, which enables them to grow.


Lloyds Commercial Business provides corporations, institutions, governments, and entrepreneurs the best solutions and broadest range of financing products for each of our clients’ needs. We help local, state and national governments finance their operations so they can invest in infrastructure, like schools, hospitals and roads.


We transact for our clients in all key financial markets, including equities, bonds, currencies and commodities, so that capital flows, jobs are created and economies can grow.


We help markets remain efficient and liquid, so investors and companies can meet their needs, whether to invest, raise money or manage risk. Lloyds Commercial Business expects the highest levels of integrity from its employees, regardless of their position in the organization.


We preserve and grow assets for institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds and foundations, as well as individuals and corporations.


We invest our capital alongside our clients’ capital to help businesses grow.


We develop ideas and analysis that drive new perspectives, new products and new paths to growth.